Our Commitment

MarsConnect is focused to provide Professional Independent Financial Portfolio Management to Young Adults, providing the best and most suitable solutions to maximise our Customers’ Benefit.


To be the Independent Financial Advisory Service Provider
in the Metaverse.


Focus on New-Generation Wealth Management to Maximise both the Efficiency of man-machine integration and Customers’ Benefit.


Watching Mars Exploration come into fruition in the past couple of years, it left a surreal impression to us as to what the future may hold, and whether we are ready.

This idea might seem far-fetched, but we did learn that dreams require money to fund, and that’s where the whole business concept came about.

Understanding the needs of the newer generation, it pushed us to explore options to optimise digital Financial Portfolio Management. Focusing on their dreams and goals, we have designed an all-in-one system to aid users in achieving their aspiration. Just like our brand name, dreams as far as connecting to Mars might seem far-fetched, but with proper planning and financing, it can be achieved.